GMaps info app

App to search on Google Maps.

Github link

A simple app built with Electron & Angular.

It uses Google Maps API and gives you specific information about the location when you click on the map. The description comes from DBpedia.

  1. You can do ‘normal search’ by clicking on the map or by searching a location by address.
  2. You can do ‘advanced search’ (a tab stands for it) and search for every ‘class’ around a specific point.

The ‘classes’ are from DBpedia ontology and are updated at each time you run the app. There is a list.

For instance you can do search like : 10 museums around Paris within 0.5 area. It requests the wikipedia database to get 10 museums around Paris, and gives the wikipedia description of it when you click.

I have only used geolocation and reverse geolocation from GMAPS API : returns cityname from lat et lng & returns lat, lng when clicking on Maps. You don’t have to use geocoding. You can search for City name from DBPedia with only lat & lng but it does not work well (it gives you a lot of city around the point).


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